Lads of Fortune is a way of life. We live the phrase: ‘it’s mandatory to grow old, but it’s optional to grow up.’ Here at Lads of Fortune, we decide our own futures, run our own show and represent what is true about men and women with aspirations of greatness. Lads of Fortune label strives to fill a gap in the fashion retail market men and women seeking simple, quality fashion. The strong dynamic graphics of the label draw inspiration from anti-establishment cultures; the screaming icons of the American biker, the hot head Ice Hockey player, the retro basketballer and the hip hop Gangster, all bad boys in their own right. This dynamic mix of sport, the rebel, the athlete and the musician- whether a rocker or a rapper. Embracing these anti-establishment sentiments, Lads of Fortune are men and women who carve out their own paths. They do not feel they need to conform to the typical; rather their fashion is an expression of themselves, a statement of their rejection of cookie cutter style. Life is the fortune- something that is there for the taking.

  • Our Promise to you as our valued customer is to give you quality streetwear and an enjoyable customer experience.
  • We will strive to work towards our goal of providing you with the dynamic mix of looks and styles for our ever changing range of fresh new garments.
  • We will always try our best to ship our products as fast as we can to you so that you get your fresh new threads in a timely manner.
  • We use Australia Post for our delivery service to you our valued customer.
  • We are constantly updating our website with new product and content which will guarantee that it's worthwhile browsing the new updates daily.
  • We look to support our local industry where ever we can this is why we use local printers and suppliers from both Australia and New Zealand. We also use international supply chain on larger quantity product.
  • Through updating our designs constantly we custom print a lot of our new designs. We like to either hold stock of our blanks or use our reputable suppliers in a quick turnaround fashion once you hit the buy button on such items we place the order with our printers and then get it out to you as soon as they are done.
  • We constantly evolve and want you to be a part of it- you can see our updates on our facebook page, twitter, instagram and some other interesting media outlets.